A class act

A class act

Having got a new racing seat for my ‘Paul Smart Rep, I discovered that the guys who have looked after my Ducatis since God was in short trousers are on first name terms with the great (and incredibly lovely) Paul Smart himself.

So a couple of weeks ago he popped into Pro-Twins and signed the seat for me, - simple as that…no egos, no fanfare, no politics – just a lovely man who has inspired me to start a charcoal study of him and his famous Imola Victory in 1972.

Peter at Pro-Twins tells me that on several occasions in recent years the shop has been full of young egos and their bikes, showing off to each other, yet not noticing that in the corner with a mug of tea is a quiet, self-effacing old guy who can still ride backwards faster than they can ride forwards.

A class act – enough said.

Thank you Paul. 

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